A photographic study of the city of my birth, Detroit, Michigan.  This, a planned multi-year project, is presently being journaled at www.detroitdefinition.blogspot.com.  With 16 visits since 2011, I have learned so much.

Pinehurst Home 2011-2019From East Riverfront2011St. Josephs Across GratiotSt Joseph and Lafayette Towers VueRepurposing at Architectural Salvage Warehouse of DetroitEastside WindowSecret GardenCorktown ViewHallway, Park Avenue HousePenobscot RevolvingView From Annis FursGold Cash Gold, Corktown_RepurposingChristo ReyCapital Park Restoration1Architectural Warehouse Salvage of DetroitView from 1300 Lafayette/VeniceBiennale-Architecture2016Trinosophes On GratiotDetroit Library, Music RoomLate at NightLater at NightIn a Mies_Lafayette Park1956Young, Well & Expecting in the NWArticulate & Elegant in BostonEdisonWoodbridgeView Across FerryFord Building SafeBakers Keyboard LoungeAssemble Sound CorktownMetro Detroit Barber College/Albert KahnMichiganCentral2017MichiganCentral2017InConstructionWayneStateBio-MedFisher Building Reflection from Wayne State Bio-MedDequindreCutFord Highland ParkIndustrial Del ReyWayne State Bio-Medical Engineering November2014_CadillacRepurposedShinola: Watchband Assembly  RoomIdeal Group1, MexicantownDHAMDetroit BikesJohn K King Rare BooksRon Saunders, Visiting Resident at PoppsPacking, HamtramckAstro Coffee CorktownJonathan at Penrose Art/GardenVictors Red Hots, Highland ParkMillikenStateParkBrush Park Community GardenCo-Exist HamtramckLabor Day/2011Belle Isle FourthAt the Jazz FestivalShoppers on Eastern Market SaturdaysView to Canada from the RiverfrontAfterSlowRoll@MichiganCentral2nd BaptistArt on the Avenue of Fashion/LivernoisAlong 7 MileDelRey HousesPost HeidelbergEarly Am View from the PastFeeling At HomeChildhood ViewAcross Detroit River to Windsor, CanadaMouth of the RougeBetween the Two